Sons of Anarchy, one of the most talked about shows currently in the air right now, delivers all the action, drama, and intrigue that many of us are craving. With a great ensemble of talented cast combined with brilliant visual execution of a controversial story line, Sons of Anarchy took the attention of millions viewers. But this show is did not just catch its audience's interest with just its shocking plot and in-depth characterization because one aspect that really got many viewers buzzing is because the show got style.

soamc01Who can resist Harleys, leather, and stainless steel jewelry? Due to the great success of the show, Sons of Anarchy's style crossed over to real-life fashion trends, reviving mainstream interest to the biker subculture through fashion and accessories. Because of the rising demand, a lot of knock-offs flooded the market with cheap and substandard products, unworthy of bearing SOA insignia. That is why Salesone International offers affordable officially licensed Sons of Anarchy jewelry and accessories to retailers and consumers who do not want to settle for anything less than the best.

Through its alternative metal jewelry brand INOX Jewelry and body jewelry brand Bodyvibe, Salesone offers a large collection of edgy, stunning, and high quality Sons of Anarchy jewelry. When it comes to biker style and designs, these assortment of jewelry offers tons of choices for retailers wanting amp up their inventory and consumers who want to get the most intricately crafted jewelry pieces available.

With millions of fans and viewers around the world, the popularity of Sons of Anarchy is a testament to its influence on mainstream thinking. Being dark and heavy, morally ambiguous, and oftentimes, criminally violent are the characteristics of the series that leads many to criticize it. Yet those same elements also draw hordes of people to get hooked, by giving a really interesting portrayal of reality. The dangerous, living-on-the-edge life showcased in SOA fascinates its viewers and leads many to support the series by adapting the fashion and style of its characters.

Jewelers and retailers who want to cater true-to-form and high caliber SOA jewelry to their customers can now offer highly intricatesoawb4 and darkly stylish pieces from INOX and Bodyvibe. The Sons of Anarchy jewelry collection include attention-getting oxidized pieces. Popular oxidized jewelry designs include the V-Twin Men of Mayhem, Reaper Crew, and Celtic Engine Rings. Jewelry with ion-plated insignia on polished steel that features the iconic Grim Reaper, SAMCRO, and SAMBEL logos are also available.

Consumers wanting the best Sons of Anarchy jewelry should look no further as the collection includes intricate rings, vivid pendants and rugged motor chain, leather, and skull link bracelets. Officially licensed body jewelry are also available in the collection which include barbells, belly rings, cartilage rings, industrials, plugs, and faux tapers.

Despite being grave and intimidating, Sons of Anarchy and the sub-culture it brought back to the mainstream provides not just entertainment and shock value to its audience, but also great business opportunity for jewelry retailers and an edgy fashion trend for consumers. And when the flashy bikes, the violent acts, and the mayhem of anarchy all comes to pass, fans can still hold on to what the Sons of Anarchy stood for, through the dark and rugged style of the jewelry inspired by the world of bikers.