Roberto has been highly involved in the arts and in fashion since the young age of 15. After becoming an established musical artist while in his early 30s, he decided to take on another fashionable route studying, analyzing and focusing on the constantly changing jewelry industry.

Throughout his musical journey to date,  he has toured the world, recording 23 CD albums, filming 82 music videos, musical score for full feature movies, and has won several international music awards including the best Latin artist of 2008.

Roberto's travels of the world have greatly inspired him in the creation of his exquisite jewelry line called the "Roberto Arichi" Art Inspired Jewelry Collection!

Unlike the common jewelry that you see in everyday life, this unique jewelry collection consists of several different and interesting fused concepts such as, exotic genuine leathers and steel, colorful mother of pearl and steel, natural stones and steel, woods and steel, and high end stainless steel pieces for both men and women, meticulously hand crafted and finished with the highest quality of workmanship.

Since teaming up with one of the industry’s most successful companies INOX /SALESONE in 2012, the "Roberto Arichi for INOX" collection is now available in several worldwide retail stores, major department stores, and is one of the newest, freshest and most talked about jewelry lines in the market.

In Roberto’s words: "As I travel the world, I am greatly inspired by the different nations and people of this interesting universe particularly their habits, daily lives, styles, personalities, inner and outer beauty gives me the passion of constantly transforming my every day experiences into pieces of Artistic Jewelry, and Music".

"Thank you for exploring this wonderful journey with me. Enjoy one of my new pieces...RA"