1. Men's Bracelets - The Personalization Stacking Trend

    Trends never actually change, rather they evolve, clothing, music, style, in general, they are all an ever-changing expression medium of our personality. Today’s trend emphasis is on individuality, on molding fashion around the individual and not the other way around. An excellent example result of the personalization trend in jewelry is the layering or stacking of bracelets.

    Today’s trend emphasis is on individuality, on molding fashion around the individual and not the other way around.


    Accessories are an essential part of the daily dressing, and no look is complete without jewelry. The current trend doing rounds is layered jewelry, be it necklaces or cuffs. College-going students sporting three different necklaces, with a funky pendant that stands out, is a common sight too. “My personal favorites are the layered cuffs. The idea is to take different finishes and colors and materials, but try to stack them in such a way that they look like they belong to a single story.”

    Layering is done with rings and pendants as well, but personalization’s of the bracelet looks has become more relevant due to our modern obsession with always checking on our phones and other devices, making our wrists a major focus of display. Due to their versatility, many bracelets can easily be swapped in endless combinations to suit a mood or an outfit, limitless options of creating a unique one of a kind look.

    Due to their versatility, many bracelets can easily be swapped in endless combinations to suit a mood or an outfit...


    The items on the stock become like a story that bring an ensemble together.  Add more steel for and edgy Rock and roll persona, include stone beads to give your entire ensemble a spirit of Bohemia, have multiple types of leather weaves to show your modern side. The most striking looks are the ones with the most contrasting color, width and texture combinations. Due to its versatility, the look is not limited to one fashion category, it adapts to the need of the wearer and gives him a chance to re-utilize his jewelry in different ways.

    The most striking looks are the ones with the most contrasting color, width and texture combinations.


    The stack  can and should be used with a formal look, for example, a watch or time piece is layered with other bracelets, giving a professional attire so much more depth and dimension. Contrasting with other prominent accentuating pieces like pocket squares and tie bars to subtly show that the person wearing is much more than a business suit.

    The range of acceptable jewelry for a man is limited. Many men are only going to be seen with three main accessories decorating their hands – a beautiful watch, a stylish pair of cufflinks, and a simple wedding ring, if they’re married. In addition to helping wearers stick to their schedules, wristwatches make it easier for them to display their sense of style. They are a form of self-expression. For those that prefer a bit of high-status bling on their wrist, Watches can communicate a lot about the wearer’s personality.

    Layered bracelet stacks are the men’s jewelry trend of today, Since we specialize in men’s jewelry INOX has curated an extensive selection of bracelets that can be worn on their own, or can be combined to create unique looks. Within the past five years, that has changed. In 2012, the sale of men’s accessories skyrocketed, spearheaded by what was then a new trend for men’s bracelets, arguably the easiest piece of jewelry for the modern man to put on and successfully pull off. All of a sudden you couldn’t shake a man’s hand without seeing a “mangle” that he “picked up somewhere on holiday” shooting out of his cuffs. The more daring early adopters replaced their Livestrong bands with a real arm-party practically eclipsing their vintage Rolex. From sleek industrial steel, to laid back leather and spiritual stone beads, all the materials for the perfect wrist story.

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  2. New Graphite Rings- The Ultimate Man's Ring!

    New Graphite Rings!
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  3. Jewelry by Designs and INOX Prove a Winning Combination for Success

    image2“You have to have hustle,” says Jenny Caro, co-owner of Jewelry by Designs in Woodbridge, Virginia. She and her husband John opened their doors in Loroton, VA 28 years ago. They started from scratch and never looked back. Today they are the reigning king and queen of the jewelry game, voted Best of Prince William County six years in a row. The secret to their success? Going above and beyond when it comes to customer service and being sure to offer the top names customers demand. Enter INOX jewelry. Even before it was in the case, the product was selling fast. Within the first week five pieces had left the store and hit the streets. INOX encapsulates a range of styles from urban to classic and quite a bit in between. With offerings for men and women, INOX is truly a leader in the next wave of jewelry trends. While Jewelry by Designs has a good rate of customer loyalty, Caro explains, “Where we are is a very transitional neighborhood.” Much of the community is comprised of military and government workers so turnover is high. It is critical for the business to offer savvy designers in order to generate continued interest within the ever-changing community base. INOX fits the bill exactly with a broad range of styles and price points that cater to the needs of every client. Over the years, and the ever changing landscape of marketing strategies, Caro has learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. “We do not do cold mailings,” she says with emphasis.11665530_10153465525279222_145928118315018970_nThe company stays in touch with existing customers, reaching out via direct mail for birthdays and special occasions, but to bring in new foot traffic, Jewelry by Designs relies on the tried and true. “Our location and our signage,” Caro says, are key factors to getting people in the door. Cable TV ads and understanding the reach and strength of social media have also helped to keep the store at the top of the game. 12901093_10154078288124222_8054319611371217785_oIn the fast paced world of jewelry design, only those willing to keep up with what’s next will succeed. Jewelry by Designs has been keeping up for nearly three decades now, and their new partnership with INOX is just another step on their journey into a bright future.   2932 Prince William Parkway Woodbridge, VA 22192 (703) 988-6415

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  4. Meet the designer: Roberto Arichi AKA: Internationally renowned Musical Artist Robert Chilingirian

    Roberto has been highly involved in the arts and in fashion since the young age of 15. After becoming an established musical artist while in his early 30s, he decided to take on another fashionable route studying, analyzing and focusing on the constantly changing jewelry industry.

    Throughout his musical journey to date,  he has toured the world, recording 23 CD albums, filming 82 music videos, musical score for full feature movies, and has won several international music awards including the best Latin artist of 2008.

    Roberto's travels of the world have greatly inspired him in the creation of his exquisite jewelry line called the "Roberto Arichi" Art Inspired Jewelry Collection!

    Unlike the common jewelry that you see in everyday life, this unique jewelry collection consists of several different and interesting fused concepts such as, exotic genuine leathers and steel, colorful mother of pearl and steel, natural stones and steel, woods and steel, and high end stainless steel pieces for both men and women, meticulously hand crafted and finished with the highest quality of workmanship.

    Since teaming up with one of the industry’s most successful companies INOX /SALESONE in 2012, the "Roberto Arichi for INOX" collection is now available in several worldwide retail stores, major department stores, and is one of the newest, freshest and most talked about jewelry lines in the market.

    In Roberto’s words: "As I travel the world, I am greatly inspired by the different nations and people of this interesting universe particularly their habits, daily lives, styles, personalities, inner and outer beauty gives me the passion of constantly transforming my every day experiences into pieces of Artistic Jewelry, and Music".

    "Thank you for exploring this wonderful journey with me. Enjoy one of my new pieces...RA"
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  5. Sons of Anarchy Jewelry: Mayhem Inspired Dark and Rugged Style

    Sons of Anarchy, one of the most talked about shows currently in the air right now, delivers all the action, drama, and intrigue that many of us are craving. With a great ensemble of talented cast combined with brilliant visual execution of a controversial story line, Sons of Anarchy took the attention of millions viewers. But this show is did not just catch its audience's interest with just its shocking plot and in-depth characterization because one aspect that really got many viewers buzzing is because the show got style.

    soamc01Who can resist Harleys, leather, and stainless steel jewelry? Due to the great success of the show, Sons of Anarchy's style crossed over to real-life fashion trends, reviving mainstream interest to the biker subculture through fashion and accessories. Because of the rising demand, a lot of knock-offs flooded the market with cheap and substandard products, unworthy of bearing SOA insignia. That is why Salesone International offers affordable officially licensed Sons of Anarchy jewelry and accessories to retailers and consumers who do not want to settle for anything less than the best.

    Through its alternative metal jewelry brand INOX Jewelry and body jewelry brand Bodyvibe, Salesone offers a large collection of edgy, stunning, and high quality Sons of Anarchy jewelry. When it comes to biker style and designs, these assortment of jewelry offers tons of choices for retailers wanting amp up their inventory and consumers who want to get the most intricately crafted jewelry pieces available.

    With millions of fans and viewers around the world, the popularity of Sons of Anarchy is a testament to its influence on mainstream thinking. Being dark and heavy, morally ambiguous, and oftentimes, criminally violent are the characteristics of the series that leads many to criticize it. Yet those same elements also draw hordes of people to get hooked, by giving a really interesting portrayal of reality. The dangerous, living-on-the-edge life showcased in SOA fascinates its viewers and leads many to support the series by adapting the fashion and style of its characters.

    Jewelers and retailers who want to cater true-to-form and high caliber SOA jewelry to their customers can now offer highly intricatesoawb4 and darkly stylish pieces from INOX and Bodyvibe. The Sons of Anarchy jewelry collection include attention-getting oxidized pieces. Popular oxidized jewelry designs include the V-Twin Men of Mayhem, Reaper Crew, and Celtic Engine Rings. Jewelry with ion-plated insignia on polished steel that features the iconic Grim Reaper, SAMCRO, and SAMBEL logos are also available.

    Consumers wanting the best Sons of Anarchy jewelry should look no further as the collection includes intricate rings, vivid pendants and rugged motor chain, leather, and skull link bracelets. Officially licensed body jewelry are also available in the collection which include barbells, belly rings, cartilage rings, industrials, plugs, and faux tapers.

    Despite being grave and intimidating, Sons of Anarchy and the sub-culture it brought back to the mainstream provides not just entertainment and shock value to its audience, but also great business opportunity for jewelry retailers and an edgy fashion trend for consumers. And when the flashy bikes, the violent acts, and the mayhem of anarchy all comes to pass, fans can still hold on to what the Sons of Anarchy stood for, through the dark and rugged style of the jewelry inspired by the world of bikers.

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  6. Summer Must-Have Accessories: Stainless Steel Anklets for Women

    To many, summer is the most anticipated season of the year. The weather is great, everything seems to be full of life and energy, and best of all summer is the perfect time show open up one's closet and wear more revealing outfits. Summer fashion is always exciting not just due to swimsuits and bikinis but also for great jewelry that can be worn with them. Being the season for shorts and Capri pants, summer is the perfect time for ladies to show off their awesome calves and anklets. And nothing can accentuate a woman's legs than beautiful stainless steel anklets. Stainless steel anklets for women are great and popular accessories for summer. Numerous styles are now available in the market and consumers have almost unlimited choices. Anklets can be made in various materials but for people who want to make sure their jewelry will survive their summer activities vp-ab18 (1) , stainless steel is the perfect option. As many consider the summer as the time to frolic under the sun, usually at the beach or the pool, stainless steel anklets are great due to the properties of stainless steel. With strength and durability, 316L stainless steel anklets can easily withstand the dumps and scratches from physical summer activities like sports. In addition, stainless steel anklets are made of inert and non-reactive metal making it impervious to salt water of the sea or chlorinated water of the pool. Providing unhindered styles even during the action-packed summer season, stainless steel anklets for women are a good buy for people who want to keep accessorized and sparkling. Though in modern times anklets are usually popular during sunny season, this type of jewelry has been a part of women's fashion for hundreds of years. In various cultures, anklets are traditional jewelry worn as far back as 4,500 years in ancient Mesopotamia, and in Egypt, rich or poor wore anklets. Indian classical dancers also wear anklets as part of their outfits not just as fashion accessories but to provide sound and rhythm while dancing. In the west, the popularity of anklets for women got attention during the 1950s and until now, the jewelry is still in demand. Retailers offering anklets for women are in a good position this summer to take advantage of the seasonal demand for the accessory. Many choose anklets made of precious metal but the demand for stainless steel anklets for women are also significant for consideration due to its competitive and attractive price. Styles available today include simple and delicate chains, pieces accented with charms, or studded with crystal or gemstones. Designs can also include solid forms like bangle-like pieces or multi-strand pieces. Stainless steel anklets for women are also light weight and hypoallergenic which can be a great selling point. In addition, the white hue of stainless steel makes it a versatile metal, giving women freedom to style it with anklets made of other types of material like hemp or leather, though the last two materials might not be a good idea to be worn in chlorine treated or sea water. Summer is just around the corner and the popularity of stainless steel anklets for women gives great style for consumers and a big opportunity for retailers. As one of the most action-packed and activity-driven seasons of the year, the summer is a time for women to showoff their fashion style, even if the season calls of as little clothes as possible. With attractive designs, advantageous properties, and affordable price, stainless steel anklets for women are must-have accessories. Whether one aims to look cool and edgy or hot and sexy, anklets might just be summer's jewelry of the season.
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  7. Bow Jewelry for Women: Styling with Youthful Sophistication

    bow-tieWhen it comes to youthful femininity, nothing is more popular and easily recognizable than bows. Adorning ribbon headbands and braided pigtails, one can say that bows are the earliest accessory that many women ever used. It has an elegant look that is now regarded to be one of the symbols representing femininity. Yet, bows are often only associated with youth and usually lose its stylish appeal once a girl becomes a woman. If one would notice, it is quite rare for an adult to be seen with a big entwined ribbon on their head. Bows are usually abandoned to prevent getting branded as naive or immature by modern culture.

     Many think this is a waste of a beautiful shape and tries to reclaim the bow as a symbol of sophisticated style by incorporating the iconic form to jewelry for women. Bow jewelry for women is gaining popularity today as designers and manufacturers rediscover the beauty of the childhood accessory and transforming it to become applicable for modern adult women.

     What make bows such a great symbol and design is due to its form. The entwined shape gives it an interesting three-dimensional appeal that gets attention whether it is a ribbon bow or gem encrusted bow jewelry. Brilliant jewelry designers are now creating bow jewelry for women by taking advantage of this form and combining various materials to achieve a variety of designs and styles. There are now bow jewelry that incorporates precious metals and gemstones to show elegance and sophistication but there are also available bow jewelry that has rock and roll or punk motif for the edgy and adventurous consumers. Also, the type of jewelry currently in the market have increased from just hair accessories and stud earrings to charm bracelets, bangles, rings, pendants, belts, and body piercing jewelry.

     Interestingly, bow jewelry for women is not just limited to costume jewelry as major high-end jewelers are also now offering collections and lines dedicated to the iconic entwined accessory. The increase in available choices for consumers is just another sign for women who are still unsure about the trend to give it a try. From precious metals to alternative alloys, bow jewelry is also available in various price points.

     Various styles and designs using bow accents are now available and jewelers are take advantage of this. Because bow jewelry can be both youthful and sophisticated at the same time, show them off in displays together with other collections can "soften" an edgy line. And because bow jewelry for women are visually engaging due to their shape and their iconic form is more recognizable compared to abstract shapes, they can get the attention of buyers more easily and the surrounding jewelry pieces can also benefit from the attention. Also, retailers should offer bow jewelry for women not just in various style but also in different price points. Due to the high competition in the industry, having a popular trend in jewelry is not always a guarantee that consumers will go flood one's store. It is also not a great idea going overboard when it comes to pricing on trend jewelry; demand does not justify overpricing buyers.

     From being a simple accessory to becoming an iconic symbol of femininity, bow jewelry for women today provides youthful style for consumers and a great opportunity for designers and manufacturers. Breaking the impression of naiveté or immaturity, talented designers have been able to successfully transitioned the bow gave it a spin of sophistication. Its eye-catching and versatile form plus its iconic shape makes bow jewelry for women a must-have accessory for this season and beyond.

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  8. Dark and Edgy: Popularity of Skull and Biker Rings

    Edgy-RingsThere is no symbol more sinister than the skull which is why many biker clubs incorporate it in their logos. A macabre image that represent death, skull imagery has been adapted in fashion by many popular designers and has remained a relevant and intriguing style throughout the years. An interesting design, the skull and its incorporation to biker-related culture is gaining popularity once more has been propagated more styles in the jewelry market today.

     Among the most popular accessories that use the macabre symbol are skull rings and biker rings. The reemergence of biker culture and style in the mainstream attention can been traced to the growing trend of relatable "rogue" characters in current television series and films. Popular series like the Sons of Anarchy and The Walking Dead portray characters with the rough and dangerous edge, which appear to be a hit to many viewers and brings back the dark style of skull rings. And even though skull rings and biker rings are nothing new in the jewelry market, it is interesting to see that such dark symbols still remains interesting for many people and like the color black or leather textile, never seems to go out of fashion.

     Probably, one of the reasons why macabre and dangerous symbols like skulls appeal to many people is due to its mystery. Humans are said to fear things that they do not understand but it also goes to show that the opposite can be observed. Even in the ancient times, death has always fascinated people and many cultures view it as an integral part of life... for life to have meaning, it should have an end. And being that the skull is one of the most recognized symbols for death, popular culture's fascination and attraction to it can shed light to how it propagated even to fashion and style.

    BikerIn relation to the biker subculture, skulls have been used by many biker clubs in their patches and identifications for years. As any view riding a motorcycle a rather dangerous activity and the crime-related behavior that many outlaw biker gangs got associated with, it was fitting to see the skull in the subculture. Usually, skulls seen in biker subculture context also incorporate other symbols like winged skulls (for the Hell Angels) and the Grim Reaper (as seen in the fictional club of the TV series Sons of Anarchy). The evolution of the symbolism and the modifications that adds on to the original meaning of the skull let the icon survive throughout the years.

     Skull rings and biker rings have become popular today due to many factors. Its rich symbolism, the intriguing aesthetic, the dark association to a dangerous subculture, all combined to get the interest of many customers who are not afraid to take their style to a new level. There are a lot of advantages in selling edgy jewelry like skull rings and biker rings today. One is that the design is interesting enough to pique the interest of customers due to its unusual style. Rings are also very subtle pieces of jewelry that rarely clash with outfits due to their small size, unlike necklaces or bracelets. Improvements in manufacturing and materials used like 316L stainless steel ensures that skull rings and biker rings have higher quality today and have greater detail compared to those made from previous years.

    Some retailers may be afraid to carry rings due to the perceived risks associated to stocking the jewelry. But year after year, rings are seen to be highly popular accessories; and even men who do not like wearing jewelry can still be persuaded to wear a ring. This fact can be a great advantage and by offering this jewelry to customers, retailers can effectively increase their revenue. Biker rings and skull rings with the right designs can attract male customers, though the range of its appeal do not stop there as women also show interest to dark and edgy aesthetics.

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  9. Sons of Anarchy: Biker Style Rocks Mainstream Jewelry Trends

    SOA-RingsThey can be intimidating with their black leather jackets and metal-clad boots, often magnified by the numerous tattoos or body piercings. They ride on mechanical beasts with thunderous roars and leave behind dark clouds of smoke in their wake. They are members of outlaw biker gangs.

    Due to their flashy looks and dark image, biker gangs and motorcycle clubs have become cultural icons. And thanks to the series Sons of Anarchy for showing the inner workings and interactions of biker gangs in television, the sub-culture has yet again resurfaced to gain the attention of pop culture.

     Trends in biker fashion, most particularly in jewelry, are in the rise once again as the popular television series showcase an overdose of oxidized metal, leather jackets, and motorcycles. Officially licensed Sons of Anarchy body jewelry is particularly in demand as the series tops rating charts season after season. With designs including oxidized stainless steel rings, pendants, and bracelets that incorporates the iconic Sons of Anarchy patch (a Grim Reaper with an anarchy crystal ball and M16 rifle scythe) and the famous SAMCRO acronym, officially licensed SOA jewelry is hard to ignore.

    SOA-necklaceWith millions of viewers and fans (with average ratings in the US between 12 million to 15 million) the popularity of the series is something that retailers can use to gauge the demand for SOA body jewelry. Though the cultural significance of the series falls in the moral grey area, the impact of Sons of Anarchy to current culture cannot be denied. For one, the series is loosely based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet, according to Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter. Also, despite the violent scenes and criminal tendencies, SOA portrays a storyline that makes millions of its viewers reevaluate how they see the world as lead characters that are seen as relatable in one scene do something questionable on the next.

     The series' complex and morally ambiguous storyline can be the reason why the series has become so popular. And this popularity has crossover and evolved to other markets including officially licensed products and merchandise. People who are fans of the series are passionately supporting Sons of Anarchy by incorporating the series insignias through SOA jewelry in their personal styles.

     Jewelers and retailers who want to ride to the series popularity by catering to the demand for officially licensed Sons of Anarchy body jewelry can be rewarded with great demand. Officially licensed SOA jewelry by INOX are high quality with very detailed designs and with styles that are true to the series' look and feel. Oxidized and black ion-plated combined with highly polished stainless steel gives the jewelry an attention-getting design with the exact amount of edge and ruggedness. Current officially licensed jewelry available for Sons of Anarchy fans include black ion plated SAMCRO ring, green ion plated SAMBEL ring, crow and anarchy ring, Reaper Crew Engine ring, Men of Mayhem Engine ring, SAMCRO black IP huggies, SAMBEL double knuckle ring, and SAMCRO motor chain bracelet, among many others.

     Despite the intimidating and dark inspiration of the series, Sons of Anarchy and its outlaw motorcycle club sub-culture beginnings have made an impact in current society in ways that many may not even be aware of. The trends in fashion and other sub-culture like punk, heavy metal, leather, and cybergoth got all influenced by biker style through clothing, jewelry, or attitude. For better or for worst, Sons of Anarchy's effects to pop culture and beyond cannot be denied. Sex, danger, masculinity, and anarchy are just few words to describe Sam Crow... so just either buy or sell the goods, and enjoy the show.

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  10. Rose Gold Jewelry for Men: Standing Out with Style

    Trends in the mens jewelry department are increasing year after year. Previously held to be one of the slowest segments of fashion to evolve, the market for mens jewelry is growing faster than anyone had ever expected. And one trend that really took many by surprise involves the curious case of rose gold jewelry for men. ssmc11281rg

    Popular among women for decades, rose gold jewelry is going over the fence and attracting the attention of male buyers today. Designers and retailers are getting positive feedback and higher profits as their collections and inventory incorporated rose gold jewelry for men. Watches, necklaces, and rings, either made of rose gold or have rose gold accents, are proving to be in demand today, not just to women but also to men.

    Some might find it strange that a delicate colored metal like rose gold, which is also sometimes called pink gold, will start to attract attention from men. But many industry leaders associate the rising popularity of rose gold jewelry for men to various factors. One is due to its exclusivity and non-traditional look. At the moment, the quantity of rose gold jewelry for men are still small when compared to the number of available white metal jewelry like platinum, silver, and stainless steel. Due to its "rarity," men who wear rose gold jewelry stand out. The metal is also found to be popular among young, urban professionals who are looking for jewelry that have a distinct and unique characteristic that cannot be easily mistaken to be another metal, like when an untrained eye can misidentify platinum as white gold. Rose gold jewelry for men has such a distinguishable look that anyone who sees it will immediately know or if not, will most likely inquire what it is.

    Also, the saying "only real men wear pink" might be a factor to the limited quantity. Though the demand for rose gold jewelry for men is increasing many people still associate the color pink as feminine, which might be the reason why manufacturers had limited their production of rose gold jewelry for men in the past. Interestingly, pink is historically associated to masculine qualities because it is a shade of red, a color attributed to fire and aggression, while blue is associated to feminine qualities, a color attributed to water and calmness. Nevertheless, the demand today for rose gold jewelry for men is steadily growing that many high-end designers and manufacturers are increasing their inventory, offering more choices to consumers.br11281rg

    Once only available for royalty, retailers who can offer rose gold jewelry for more men today have great opportunity to lead and gain profits. As of the moment, many rose gold jewelry collections out there are high-end but affordable alternatives like ion-plated stainless steel pieces are now available. There are men who are not conscious at how much they spend for style, but for the budget-conscious majority, rose gold stainless steel jewelry gives retailers a chance to offer affordable and on trend pieces to their consumers. Rose gold has been available for thousands of years and many high-end designers have been benefiting from its unique look for decades. Introducing it first to a marketplace or segment can help retailers leverage themselves to be pioneers and increase their profits.

    It is great to see that many men are now being open to various new styles. Fashion trends have always been a reflection of society as people continually express their personalities and philosophies through what they wear. No one can say how long the popularity of rose gold jewelry for men will last... it can be just for this season or it can be as enduring as denim. But when people are open to change and willing to try something new, that is always a good thing because it only means that we are constantly changing and striving to be stylish, and to be better than we were before.

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