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Jewelry Trends: What's Hot, What's Not And How To Spot Them?

Being a jewelry retailer, one should always be on the top of fashion trends. Jewelry buyers are one of the most critical types of consumer out there so it is imperative to always and only provide products that are top notch. Having an inventory that is out of fashion, low quality or just plain unattractive can make prospective customers lose interest and out the store in seconds.

There are many ways to know and find the current trends that help you as a retailer create an effective inventory and can attract more customers. Though they are not absolute and not all jewelry customers adhere to them, trends can serve as a guide on how one can follow which types of jewelry are most bought by consumers. The economy affects consumer behavior so trends usually are base on the spending mindset of people. If no one can afford your products because the economy and their wallets prevent it, then inventory will just turn to backlog.

As of the moment, there are people who are willing to spend more compared to when the recession was still starting, but the surging price of precious metals changed consumers’ perspective of luxury. As retailers, the best products to offer customers are affordable but quality accessories like alternative metal jewelry which include titanium, tungsten carbide, cobalt chrome or stainless steel jewelry.

Jewelry and fashion go hand in hand. One always affects the other so looking at what hot in the runways can be very helpful to know the popular and current trends which customers will buy in the near future. Most of the time, people choose their clothes first before they pick the jewelry that will go with it. As of the moment, many designers are using bold colors and prints. Lace is also very popular during the summer. Stocking up on women’s steel jewelry that has bright gemstones or natural textures which mimic these trends can attract many female customers as they watch fashion more attentively compared to their male counterparts. For male customers, clean cut and sophisticated trends are all the rage though many designers are also experimenting with grudge looks. Jewelry that incorporates leather with accents having highly metallic finish can greatly appeal to men.

Pop culture is also another venue where retailers can find trends. People love celebrities whether they are royalty, actors, musicians or fashion models. Fans emulate their idols so the trends that these celebrities show can have drive customer behavior. In addition, award shows are a hot spot for trends and a lot of people look forward to watching them. These events greatly impact trends so knowing the looks that graced the red carpet is vital knowledge.

Knowledge is power and knowing the latest trends can help any jeweler face even the most critical customer. Though research can take a bit of investment in terms of money and time, the rewards of creating a well-planned inventory can exceed expectations.

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