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Satisfaction over Value: Stainless Steel versus Sterling Silver

For a layman, the main purpose of jewelry is for embellishment, to adorn our body, to compliment our style. For some people, as long as it looks fabulous, the worth will not be the driving force for their decision to buy it.


Looking sophisticated and stylish without burning holes in wallets is what stainless steel jewelry is all about. Compared to sterling silver, stainless steel is far more affordable but it still looks as high end. And some might even say that stainless steel jewelry is more lustrous than sterling silver jewelry.


Comparing the two, there is no doubt that sterling silver will be more valuable to stainless steel in terms of being a precious metal. Yet, when a jewelry buyer would like to have accessories that can give both affordability and satisfaction, it appears that stainless steel jewelry has a league of its own.


Durability combined with affordability plus the freedom to craft it in so many different ways makes 316L stainless steel jewelry a great challenger of sterling silver.


Many people are now getting frustrated with the limitations and high maintenance of sterling silver jewelry. Various types of sterling silver jewelry cannot tolerate bleach, chlorine or sweat making it tarnish and blacken, something which does not appeal to many people. Some even get allergic reactions from wearing sterling silver due to lead content. And the deal breaker in having sterling silver for many is the frequent requirement for it to be cleaned and polished so that its initial luster can be preserved.


One of the benefits of 316L stainless steel jewelry is being crafted in a way that its alloy will never tarnish or corrode. It requires little to no maintenance and simple cleansers can polish it to brightness. Another one of the benefits of 316L stainless steel jewelry is by having anti-bacterial properties, even making an ideal choice for surgical instruments. You will never experience having a greenish mark on your skin while wearing 316L stainless steel jewelry.


But the benefits of 316L stainless steel jewelry do not stop there. Its durability makes it a great choice for sophisticated jewelry pieces because tolerance in creating minute details, laser generated designs and high thermal processed polishes are great benefits of 316L stainless steel jewelry. Also, stainless steel jewelry can be ion plated to resemble gold, rose gold, copper and even create black matte finish. Techniques that make the plating last longer can be used on 316L stainless steel.


Sterling silver jewelry’s popularity is rooted to the fact that we have been taught of its value as a precious metal. But what we have to learn is that value comes from what satisfies our needs and gives us the best of what our money is worth.


If stainless steel jewelry makes you happy, why on earth will you not wear one?

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